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Vanni Saltarelli art

Vanni Saltarelli was born in Lombardy in 1945. His paintings are characterized by a highly dynamic representation of the figure in motion. Saltarelli’s work has become instantly recognizable and highly collectible due to the sense of physical danger, violence and eroticism displayed in his paintings.

 “The magic of his paintings lies in the powerful, sometimes painful eroticism.”

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So fucking powerful.

We help each other while the wealthy use us.

The 1percent use us. We fund there wealth and work there minimum wage jobs with no overtime.

We are numbers to them, that add up to there shitloads of cash.

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this is my favorite post of all time

I AM CRyinggggggggg

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mark evans - Leather Sculptor

mark evans, specializes in ‘micro-sculpting’ leather, etching away at the material with razor sharp knifes and dyeing the material to stunning effect

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"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies."

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Hua Tunan :Owl Illustration Created with Lively Splatters of Paint

Chinese illustrator, painter, and street artist Chen Yingjie (aka Hua Tunan) creates paintings that are alive with energy. Using a splattering technique, he creates beautiful creatures that radiate with vibrant colors. Night Owl is one of his recent pieces filled with a dynamic power that emanates from the bird’s single golden eye.

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L.A. Noire Pulp Magazine Covers

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eBay removes anti-Zimmerman artwork the same day Zimmerman’s painting sells for $100k

D’Antuono posted the following note two days after Zimmerman’s painting was sold:

"I’m sad to announce that eBay removed my “A Tale Of Two Hoodies” auction from their site. They allowed George Zimmerman to profit from his crime, yet I was denied the opportunity to raise funds to help the very foundation named in honor of Zimmerman’s victim.

As the bidding started to gain momentum, passing the $25,000 mark, they took it off, deeming my auction “hateful and discriminatory.”

According to eBay:

“[t]he painting you listed appears to contain images or icons associated with the KKK which are not allowed to be listed on our site as they represent an organization that glorifies hate and violence.”

hmm. a quick search on Ebay and I find:

first of all, WTF. WTF WTF WTF. how the fuck? why the fuck?

like, not only does he,— but then they,—- but this guy fuckin—- and who the fuck would—- and they what? but this guy is givin—- and they also— like what? huh?!?!?!?!!

this is fuck shit on top of fuck shit on top of fuck shit.

and. AANNND. the mothafucka is accused of plagiarizing the painting from a stock photo online. LIKE?!

wow. no wonder satirical sites like The Onion is quitting becuz you cant even make a satire bout shit anymore, ridiculous unexplainable fucked up shit is ALREADY HAPPENING IN THE REAL WORLD, FOR TRUTH. it all makes sense now.

So he took a photo and modified it for his painting. Now if I were to paint a picture of the Statue of Liberty is that plagerism since it’s a peice of art?

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